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Marivel has been an L.M.T for 13 years.  She has learned, so much throughout her career, keeping up with continuing education & thru her day job combined,  She is excited to bring them here to Maricopa City.  Why drive out,  when you can come to her!

I offer chair massage because I can help someone in a short amount of time and at different locations, from being outside by the pool to indoors working in a corp office.

Sessions vary, from, 10, mins, 15 mins, and 20 mins. 

I offer a customized session, to help break up the stress and tension of everyday life. 

"Smile, just breath and be happy" -Marivel Garcia

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44145 W. Knauss Dr

Maricopa , AZ 85138

Tel:(480) 205-0907

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